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Career advice

Prof. Petchey provides the career advice below, in person, and by Skype chat. To arrange a meeting / chat, please email Prof. Petchey a statement of your research interests and your CV. He will then arrange a time to meet or chat. Although he prioritises potential applicants to the University of Zurich Undergraduate, Masters, and PhD programmes, he is happy to provide advice to anyone.

On the following two pages are some resources concerning career advice for PhD students and Postdocs. This page is regularly updated, so please email me any articles that you think might be appropriate.
Advice for PhD students.
Advice for Postdocs / Research Fellows.
General advice about enquiring about positions.

Below are some articles of interest to both groups, and probably others also.
Great advice regarding peer reviewing.
Targeting journals and covering letters.
Turbo charged writing.
Everything you ever wanted to know about writing a journal article.
Why my work is not used in textbooks.
Writing a good review.
Twitter for biologists (well, ecologists, but I suspect the message is more general)
Design and delivery tips for kick-ass presentations.
More about giving great presentations.
Why some academics publish more than others.
An article about authorship: Who’s on first?
Guide to peer review for early career researchers.
Get involved in public debates about science.
Is more better? Academia’s obsession with quantity.
Seven reasons why journals reject papers.

Help getting a job:
The ecology jobs wiki.
Also, subscribe to the ecolog-l and evoldir list servers.
Some interviews with early career researchers about their experiences attempting to get tenure track jobs.
The truth of the academic job hunt.
My individual development plan, a tool from SceinceCareers.
Yes, it is worth it, of course.