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Leadership skills for early career researchers

A workshop at the BES Annual Meeting 2016 Tuesday 13th December, 13.15 – 14.45, Room 11C. The beamer presentation (39MB). The sheet of questions about you. Do you wonder what it takes to be a great leader? Or question whether you’re capable of being one? Does attending leadership and management courses make your blood run cold? If […]

Global net change in local plant biodiversity?

A fascinating and apparently increasingly vociferous debate about evidence for change in local biodiversity is happening. As well as just being really interesting and important in its own right (i.e. what is happening to local biodiversity), one side suggests that evidence for no change “directly contradicts the key assumption linking experimental results to ecosystem function […]

Group retreat 2016

We had a wonderful time for our group retreat in Oberägeri, Ländli over three days, despite missing people (Owen, Gabriela, Debra, Thomas, Ivan, Maitane, Inge and Pablo)   On the picture from the left: Wilfredo, Annabelle, Julia, Annette, Gian Marco, Maja, Vanessa, Nina, Colette, Yves, Alejandra, Dennis, Aurélie, Frank, Katie, Kevin, Andrea and Mikael.   […]

Peer review in performance appraisals

Some reading below. Or just google it.

About fairness in the workplace

Following a discussion with a colleague about fairness in the workplace, I gave myself two hours to research it. This article proved to be a great starting point: Fairness at work: its impacts on employee well-being, by Fujishiro, Kaori, 2005. What is fairness in the workplace (also known as organisational justice)? Distributive fairness (justice): individuals assess their contribution:reward […]

Graduation day!

Last week Lara Maspoli, Suzanne Greene, and Rich Baxter (MSc) and Gian Marco Palamara (PhD) received their  Diplomas. Congratulations to you all from the rest of the Petchey-Hansen group! Below are some pictures from the ceremony. Notice how the tense faces ease into broad smiles as the ceremony proceeds…

Random resources 1

Stilton disappointment

Testing the Metabolic Theory of Ecology: a simple pipeline using R.

[Download the simulated data and the script used in the following example] Many biological variables depend on the size of the organisms and on the environmental temperature. For example, large organisms tend to grow more slowly, and live longer, than small ones. On the other hand, organisms tend to grow faster in warm climates compared […]

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IEU Photo-Exhibition

  The original email invitation: Dear Colleagues Share your research experiences, subjects, highlights (even lowlights). When: Either at the Apero immediately before the Christmas Party (18th Dec.) or Happy Hour on 12th Dec. Where: Hopefully the Irchel Lichthof, with photos hung on boards. How: You choose one or two of your best photos, have them […]