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Look below for opportunities to study and or work in the group. Positions with funding available, or likely soon available, are in red.

The group participates in the following graduate programmes:
Masters in Biology, Ecology
Masters in Biology, Systematics and Evolution
Masters in Biology, Behavioural Sciences
Masters in Environmental Sciences
Virtually all the information you should need about these courses is on their web pages.
At present, Owen is offering several masters projects (look here or here for more information), and is also open to suggestions.


Please contact Owen if you have an idea for a Ph.D. that you think fits with the research aims of the team.

If you’re interested in studying for a PhD in Ecology (or related subjects) we have a very strong ecology program, joint with ETH. You can apply to this program, and may then be invited to visit Zurich to meet Professors and groups, and for a short interview. You can also apply directly to professors. For more information about the ecology program, take a look at this web page. For more information about PhDs in other areas of biology, please take a look at the web pages of the Life Sciences Zurich Graduate School.

Of course we are always very happy to consider motivated and enthusiastic postdoctoral researchers whose research interests are a good fit with the group’s.

Any available funded positions are shown above in red. If you have your own funding, or would like to apply for funding to study and or work in the group, please contact Owen.