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Dan Leary (2004-2008)
PhD: Determinants of ecosystem variability in microbial microcosms.
2008-2012: NERC Parliamentary Liaison Officer.
2012 to present: Foresight Project Manager, Improving Future Disaster Anticipation and Resilience, Government Office for Science

Nick Worsfold (2004-2008)
PhD: The consequences of extinction in experimental aquatic communities
First position: Postdoctoral research assistant, Department of Politics, University of York, “Is the European Parliament an Environmental Champion?”.
Subsequent position: Teaching Fellow, Environment Department, University of York.
Current position: Lecturer in Environmental Science, University of Bedfordshire.

Oliver Beveridge (2006-2010)
PhD: Swimming in hot water
First position: Modelling bird distributions as a postdoc at Durham University

Marcus Cianciaruso (2007)
Visiting PhD Candidate, Departamento de Botânica, Universidade Federal de São Carlos, Brazil.
Supervisor: Dr Marco Batalha.
Now a Professor in the Federal University of Goiás.

Jason Rip (2006)
Visiting PhD Candidate, College of Biological Sciences, University of Guelph, Canada.
Supervisor: Dr Kevin McCann

Edd Hammill (2009)
Visiting Researcher
First position postdoccing at UBC.

Beth Atkinson (2008-2009)
Masters student.
First position PhD student with Jane Memmott

Andrew Cole (2008-2009)
Masters candidate, Causes and consequences of adaptive foraging
Followed with conservation work in Portugal

Kez Watt (2009-2010)
Masters Candidate. Effects of environment variation on local extinction dynamics.

Nick Clark (2010-2011)
Masters Candidate.

Mahtab Mohebbi (2011-2011)
Lab Assistant.

Aaron Thierry (2008-2012)
PhD Candidate. Biological network structure
Now a postdoc, School of GeoSciences, Global Change Research Institute, Edinburgh.

Emily Green, now Emily Griffiths (2009-2013)
PhD Candidate. Understanding the indirect effects of vaccination programmes: a community ecology approach.
Now a postdoc working on Dengue transmission in Peru, employed at North Carolina State University.

Emily Oliveira (2011-2012)
Masters Candidate.

Gustavo Henrique de Carvalho (2010-2011)
Visiting PhD Candidate
Researcher, Universidade Estadual de Santa Cruz, Brasil.

Rebecca Stewart (2010)
Visiting PhD Candidate

Aabir Banerji (2011-2013)
Post-doctoral researcher.

Chris Clements (2011-2014)
PhD Candidate

Roger Bachmann
Masters Candidate

Peter Schmid
Masters Candidate

Suzanne Greene
Masters candidate