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RefWeb 0.9

Research papers are related to each other by citations, making a network or web of references. These reference webs might show relationships between research papers that are otherwise difficult to discover. In the least I hoped they might make some pretty looking networks. You can see the Web of some of my publications here. The web of some of my publications and papers they cited more than five times is here.

The Web of Science can be used to produce a list of references on a particular subject, for example, that contains papers that these papers cite. The code given below takes this list and converts into into a matrix that describes who cites whom. You can use it to draw the Reference Web using GraphViz, for example. The code will also add references that are not in the original list, but are cited by many of the references in the list.

From here you can get the functions (in the file ReWeb.r, you need to source these into R). From there you also get an example list of reference to work on (Petchey.txt) and an example of using the functions on this list of references (in the file operation.r).

To make your own, got to Web of Science, create a marked list and save it to file with cited references and abbreviated source boxes checked.

There’s been little testing and some of the functions are a little sensitive. Please contact Owen with problems or improvements. E.g., it doesn’t deal well with hyphenated author names. And it seems that sometimes Web of Science changes it report formatting.